In the year of 1997 Kermanshah university of Medical science (KUMS) organized the community oriented medical education center in order to empower medical students in two important issues including: the community based medical learning (C.B.M.L) and outpatient medicine.

Those Medical students who are in the latest under graduated years are concerned on this organization and referred to this department to continue their medical education.

This center started basically on the national community health care named Samen-AlAEmeh and progressed slowly by the time by adding health promotion research center (Social Development and Health Promotion Research Center) in the year of 2001 and developed to the pole of the Excellence center of Iran in 2012.

Since 2012 many efforts has been done by the head of this department ( Dr, Sohyla Reshadat ) to apply all health resources of K.U.M.S, in the line of C.O.M.E. In this regard many of national health care centers (N.H.C.C) have been activated and organized in this purpose .Up to now 12 (N.H.C.C)  which are of the main referral centers of  K.U.M.S except the main one (Samen AL AEmeh) organized in this line by her ,they are presented as follows:

§  Hafezieh: The main referral  screening center for Hypothyroid and phenyl ketonoria.

§  Rafatieh: The main referral consulting center for HIV.

§  Farhangian: The main referral consulting center of Thalasemia.

§  The main referral center for Eltor and Flue.

§  Haj mansoby: The main referral center of  jeriatric medicine.

§  Haj daey: The main referral center of Leishmanyasis, Leprosy, Rabies.

§  The main referral center for prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis.

§  The main referral center for occupational medical practice.

§  The main referral consulting center for diabetic patients in the issue of Nutrition.

§  The main referral consulting center for heart diseases in Nutrition.

§  The main referral center of Rehabilitation for heart disease.

§  The main referral consulting center for mothers in the issue of Breast feeding.

v  There has been applied for the other skilled resources of K.U.M.S including ,the departments of Vice-chancellor for  food and drug  and the department of Vice-chancellor in health affairs which had not been involved in the line of Education for medical students before.

v  Encouraging medical students to pay attention to the non - biological causes of diseases such as socio-economic, socio-psychiatric, geographic aspects and so on. There are organized workshops in this purpose. In this regard researches of social, development and health promotion research center skilled for this issue, present their experiences to the medical students.

v  In this part of education the evidence based researches are applied too.

v  In this department, medical students are organized to be with the community different from those referred to the outpatient clinics in a routine, included students and non patient people. They experience being in public in an extra clinic atmosphere too they learn how to concern on health issues speciallyon health promotion and its other aspects. In this program they encouraged to be responsible more on society. They can learn to give a good public speech. In this regard there are some programs such as ; spending  times with elementary and high school students, teach them some health related issues, advice, and learn how to be responsible about young ages, risky groups, what are the challenges of health in this group of community.

v  Being with the other age and sex groups of non patient community is the other parts of the C.O.M.L. In this department medical students learned to prepare and arrange health information in a short time for people. They present and distribute such information among people. There are also meeting arranged in this regard in our department, and medical students are willing to spend times in it.

v  One of the other educational programs for our medical students is working by the primary health care (P.H.C) team. They learn how health care is important, what are the standard protocols and guidelines in this regard, what are the key points of health.

v  In an outpatient clinics there are gynecologist, pediatric, Internist, neurologist and skin spechialisis who are visiting patients and medical students are going to the clinics and learn ambulatory skills by them.

v  The main goal of us is standing for better medical practice by C.O.M.E , of course , we have many challenges with that ,but people and  our medical students are satisfied and give us positive energy to follow our goals. .